Christmas Television Bespoke Wall Unit

Christmas Television Bespoke Wall Unit

Christmas Television Bespoke Wall Unit Installed In Trim Co Meath

Christmas television bespoke wall unit installed in Trim Co Meath.

We installed the bespoke wall unit on Friday 4th December 2015.

Very happy children in this house after we installed and the mother of the house was nearly crying with joy, smiles all around from now to Christmas!

Hand made from who specialise in fitted kitchens specifically devised for the household.

The kitchen collection are designed to customise and enhance every stage of the cooking process in the kitchen, making for a unique experience in the kitchen by creating an environment calibrated on the movements of the customer; designer kitchens that are user-friendly and innovative, as well as beautiful to look at. kitchens are designed to last forever, created using Irish innovative manufacturing technologies which are produced in Dublin.
The hallmark of kitchens is that they are “tailor made” designed to measure and crafted with care, from the various types of compartments to the finishes.

In-frame kitchens, featuring flush doors with rounded corners fully integrated into the framework for a splendidly smooth appearance. The in-frame kitchens have self-adjusting internal shelves and invisible hinges patented by

All of our kitchens from Vinyl Matt, Vinyl gloss, Acrylic gloss, solid wooden natural kitchens and painted kitchens use the latest Farrow and Ball colour selection are not only a unique but they are also able to adapt to any need.

It comprises of emotional elements and functional tools with soft close systems, combining skill and functionality, featuring a huge variety of implements and placing the customer right at the centre of the kitchen.

All of our kitchens are manufactured in Dublin 15, Ireland. Our internal soft close systems are German made because the Irish don’t make them and they are of the highest quality available. (Blum systems)

Christmas Television Bespoke Wall Unit

Christmas Television Bespoke Wall Unit

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